Dr Körner’s wholegrain corn and rice cakes have lots of health benefits...

See what our experts think.

Great for your insides

Dr. Körner’s Wholegrain Mini Corn and Rice cakes contain the kind of fibre that helps your intestines to function properly.

Low calorie

At just 64 calories per half pack it’s a great low-cal, nutritious snack choice.

Healthy alternative to crisps

A truly low-fat, healthy option for those ‘in-between’ times or when you’re on the go.

Guilt free and delicious

Pile them high with tasty toppings. See our website for ideas and recipes.


Hlebprom established 1982

Dr Körner is made by our world class facilities in Russia owned by Hlebprom one of the leading manufacturers of confectionery on the Russian market.


Hlebprom s turnover is more than £130M per year. The company employs are over 4,000 employees in four manufacturing sites, 19 sales offices and the representative office in London.


The company exports to the CIS, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Germany, USA, Serbia, Israel. Hlebprom's portfolio of brands covers healthy snacks, deep frozen celebratory cakes, pastries, and premium cookies bars.

Quality products

Hlebprom cooperates with large Dutch, Polish, and Thai manufacturers on exclusive terms and supply the products of the highest quality under our own brands. The company operates to standards ISO 9001 and ISO 22000.

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